from the desktop

figured since i lack posts of my own photos and on goings, i’d chuck up images that have caught my eye whilst lurking the internet.

should become a weekly post amongst others.

and no this is not becoming a “visual inspiration” blog!










Picture 2


1 Response to “from the desktop”

  1. 1 neekcee July 16, 2009 at 11:54 am

    where did you steal the last shot from?

    frame grab from ‘the revival’ trailer?

    that guy was responsible for making me shotgun a beer at every checkpoint of my farewell race (‘fuck off nik’) in vancouver and he now sleeps in the same room my bikes used to live.

    but whats way better is that if you go listen to any of the first 3 Three Inches of Blood albums his is the voice you hear doing the growl-vocals.

    one of the nicest dudes ever… but amazingly scary if you dont know that.

    he hit 70+ kph on the descent in the original revival trailer. my buddy was sitting in the passenger seat of the ute following him.

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